Used Volvo XC60 For Sale In Shreveport, LA

If you're trying to find a mid-size SUV with five seats that's fun to drive, look no further than a used Volvo XC60 for sale in Shreveport. The Volvo XC60 is bigger than the Volvo XC40 and smaller than the Volvo XC90. This middle Volvo SUV offers plenty of versatility, convenience, and dynamic capability.

Schedule your test drive in a used 2019 Volvo XC60 at our dealership today. We stock a wide selection of used Volvo SUVs among our used cars for sale in Shreveport.

Momentum vs. Inscription vs. R-Design

If you are trying to find your next used SUV and typing "Volvo XC60 near me" into your favorite search engine, look no further than our used car dealer in Shreveport. We stock a hand-picked inventory of used Volvo XC60 for sale in Shreveport.

If you're trying to find a used Volvo XC60, you'll typically have three trim styles to choose from:

  • Volvo XC60 Momentum
  • Volvo XC60 Inscription
  • Volvo XC60 R-Design

The trim styles on used Volvo XC60 for sale in Shreveport generally include similar driver support features such as a Lane Keeping Aid, 12-inch display, and a dynamic chassis.

The Inscription trim adds Front Park Assist, color-coordinated door mirror covers, and 19-inch wheels. The Inscription interiors also have a leather steering wheel and a Harmon Kardon Premium Sound system.

A used Volvo XC60 for sale in Shreveport with R-Design trim will typically have glossy black mirror covers outside the car and Metal Mesh aluminum decor throughout the interior, as well as Nappa leather/leatherette/textile upholstery. Call for pricing on a 2017 Volvo XC60 today.

Performance and Powertrains

When you start your search for a used Volvo XC60 for sale in Shreveport, you'll begin to see things like B5 FWD and B6 AWD. This labeling system tells you what engine and powertrain the vehicle has.

For instance, a used Volvo XC60 for sale in Shreveport with B5 FWD will have a turbocharged engine and front-wheel-drive. The turbocharged B5 drive type produces up to 260 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, depending on the model year.

If you see a used 2018 Volvo XC60 with B6 AWD badging, you can expect an engine that is both turbocharged and supercharged to produce up to 308 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

While both Volvo XC60 powertrains tow the same amount, the more powerful B6 are generally faster from 0-60, but the AWD powertrain slightly reduces fuel economy compared to the FWD models.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale

When comparing our selection of used Volvo XC60 SUVs, be sure to browse our certified pre-owned Volvo SUVs in Shreveport, LA. Certified pre-owned cars have many benefits.

Every vehicle considered for the Volvo CPO program must meet the preliminary age, mileage, and appearance/condition requirements. Any used Volvo vehicle also must have a clean Carfax vehicle history report, can't have more than 80,000 miles, or be more than five years old for it to qualify for Volvo CPO status.

The vehicle is then subjected to a multi-point inspection to ensure the factory performance, safety, and reliability standards once those initial criteria are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Volvo XC60 expensive to maintain?

The best way to get the most miles out of your vehicle and enjoy a low auto repair cost is to follow the factory-recommended maintenance and oil change schedule. When this schedule is adhered to and the vehicle is properly cared for, a Volvo XC60 will typically have a yearly total of $1,200 for maintenance and repairs, which is lower than the industry average for luxury SUV models.

What is the life expectancy of a Volvo XC60?

Similar to reducing the annual auto repair cost, the best way to get the most miles out of your Volvo vehicle is to perform all maintenance on time and change the oil regularly. When a Volvo XC60 is well looked after and regularly maintained, it will typically last between 200,000-250,000 miles or 13-17 years of service.

Does Volvo XC60 require premium gas?

It depends on the Volvo XC60 powertrain you select for your driveway. A T6 powertrain has a turbocharged and supercharged engine and requires a premium fuel with 91 Unleaded octane or higher. While premium unleaded fuel is recommended for the Volvo XC60 T5 for optimal performance and efficiency, it is not required.

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